You can buy fireworks, but can't shoot them off...yet

Fireworks went on sale Thursday in the city of Kirksville and the Kirksville Police Department wants you to know that just because you can buy fireworks, that doesnâ??t mean you can shoot them off yet inside the city limits. You canâ??t legally shoot fireworks in the city of Kirksville until June 30, and July 5 is the last day you can shoot them off. They can only be discharged from 9 a.m. until 11 p.m. Anyone caught violating the ordinance could be punished by law.

â??If there are violations, there's a number of different things that can happen. One of which is we'll go out and make contact. Fireworks are subject to seizure and depending on the circumstances we encounter, the person could also get a ticket as well. It could even go beyond that and result in an arrest, but that rarely happens,â?? said Jim Hughes Police Chief for the City of Kirksville.

Cooperating with authorities will likely lead to lesser charges and anyone who decides to defy police orders could face tickets or even arrest.