You can help win the war against meth

Drug related offences remains to be one of the most highly prosecuted crimes in Adair County. Other criminal cases that donâ??t have drug charges in the case are sometimes drug related even though they are not mentioned in the case. So, you might understand why Prosecutor Matt Wilson finds it frustrating that some state representatives are trying to reduce charges and jail time for drug offenders and even repeat drug offenders. Wilson argues that stronger drug laws would not only reduce drug related crimes, but also other crimes as well. He doesnâ??t stop there either. He would like to see suphedrine become subscription only. States that have followed this practice have seen the sharpest reduction in meth production while states with a suphedrine registry have seen increases in some instances. He also stated that he understands that some might be against this suphedrine prescription movement and urges you to support tougher penalties against repeat drug offenders to help his cause.Some drug offenders are getting out early on good behavior to only be re-arrested for the same charges. Harsher penalties might end some repeat offenders decisions to get back into drugs and if they don't, then they will remain behind bars longer. This change in legislation can't be accomplished with just his work. He is going to need support from the community if we are going to see meaningful changes.

â??I've talked to some of our legislators and their hands are tied because rural Missouri doesn't get a whole lot of strength in the legislature and it's just an effort where we're all going to have to keep pushing the boulder up the mountain and we may move it just a little bit at a time, but we gotta keep doing it because if we don't, then it just crushes us all,â?? said Matt Wilson Adair County Prosecutor.

You can help Matt Wilson in his effort by contacting local representatives and senators. Below are some contacts to local congressmen.

Representative Nate Walker:

Representative Craig Redmon:

Senator Brian Munzlinger:

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