You have to do research to find a grave

For our Facebook Story of The Day, many of you wanted to know how to locate someone's grave.

KTVO went to the Davis-Playle-Hudson-Rimer Funeral Home in Kirksville and learned that on the local, county, or city level, it just takes some minor research to find a gravesite.

Knowing the exact cemetery where the grave is at is a great start.

If it's well organized by the owner, there will be good records of every person buried on that site.

If the cemetery is owned by the city, you will have to go to city hall to get information.

If you have a hard time trying to contact the cemetery, your next best bet is the local funeral homes.

"It's not an impossible task. It sometimes can take a few phone calls and a little bit of research and looking. If you know the cemetary but can't find the contact person, contact the funeral homes in that area and they will give you the contact you need. That's on a local level, and I think it's the same throughout the country," said Virgil Jones, Funeral Director of the Davis-Playle-Hudson-Rimer Funeral Home.

On the national level, there are websites or recorded databases to help find gravesites of those on a state, government, or national level such as war veterans, that website is

Jones also said there is a major website, where there are 81 million graves listed and more can be added to help you find any grave you might be looking for.