Young gymnasts dream big

The gymnasts at Ottumwa's Dance Incorporated practice countless hours in order to pull off stunts like rudy's and other skills most people have never heard of. Jaylynn Sharp is one of the oldest tumbler's at Dance Inc's team flip. She travels with the team competing in trampoline, double-mini, and the rod-floor. She's been tumbling for eleven years and her favorite moves consist of a rudi and fliffis.

What Jaylyn competes in is one thing, but this gym is well rounded and has classes to suit just about every gymnastics interest a kid could have. These girls don't mess around. Another event they participate in is the uneven bars. The high bar stands about seven or eight feet from the ground so these girls have to be extremely confident when it comes to doing their favorite and best moves.

Some of the girls have been in the gym for years, but some just started a couple years ago. If i hadn't asked who, I never would have known. Ashlyn Ware has been competing for two years now, but makes it look like she's been a gym rat her entire life. Her beautiful beam routine has won her countless ribbons and medals. She's hungry for more and keeps reaching for those new skills.

These girls are so young, and for most, have already dedicated more than half their life to the sport. I was curious where they want these skills to take them, and just like their big presence during competition, these little girls have some big dreams.

"I want to go to the Olympics, and maybe go to college for gymnastics. I don't know though, because I also want to be an architect," said Ware.

Some of these girls have another big competition coming up in May, and after spending time in a couple different classes with them I expect they'll bring home the gold.