Young-Mock murder trial to start?

The long awaited trial of Kay Young and Katherine Mock, in connection with a five year old Adair County murder case, is scheduled to start next Monday in Federal Court in Saint Louis. However, recent court filings in the case may delay the trial once again.

Young and Mock are each charged with conspiracy to commit murder for hire and murder for hire, in the March 2006 death of Melvin Griesbauer. Young was married to Griesbauer at the time of the killing.

The murder occurred at the residence Griesbauer and Young shared on Penny Royal Road near Novinger in March of 2006. Federal prosecutors allege a life insurance policy was the motive for the murder. The life insurance policy, which named Young as beneficiary, was worth at least $600,000.

According to filings in federal court in Saint Louis, prosecutors say they may present evidence that Young may have had involvement in other attempted murders and possible murders.

Monday attorneys for Katherine Mock filed a motion to separate the trials of the two defendants, based on the prosecution's earlier filing regarding previous incidents.

Tuesday, attorneys for Kay Young filed a motion for continuance, asking for a delay of four weeks in further court proceedings. Young TMs attorneys are asking that the new trial date be set for October 17th. Currently the trial is still set for next Monday.