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      Youngsters getting their hands dirty while planting

      Some kids got to dig their hands in the dirt and get a bit messy Monday morning.

      Seeds and plants was the topic at the Missouri Department of Conservation's Knee-High Naturalists Group.

      The kids first got to hear the story of "The Tiny Seed." The story explains what seeds are for and what they need to grow into a big healthy plant.

      Next the kids got the chance to plant their own seeds to take home.

      "They're planting something together themselves. To know that the seeds that they've planted will turn into a plant and the excitement they're going to have over plants and seeds just from this activity is great," said Amanda Moore of the Missouri Department of Conservation.

      The kids even made their own pots out of newspaper.

      In case you're wondering, the children planted sunflower seeds.

      Moore hopes the kids will take care of their seeds and be on the look out during the growing process over the next few weeks. This will also be the topic for teens in the conservation department's Creature Feature on Wednesday at 3:30 pm.