Your next job is right around the corner

A Heartland business was mentioned in former President Bill Clinton's new book, "Back to Work".

Onshore Technologies located in Macon, Missouri is apart of the Clinton Global Initiative. The Clinton Global Initiative is a group of business and political leaders who think of different ways and ideas to make the country better. Former President Clinton heard about the concept that Onshore Technologies came up with, and thought it was a great idea. Their idea was later mentioned within his new book.

The idea that was mentioned in the book is quite simple: more jobs. Onshore Technology Founder and CEO Shane Mayes said, "The thing to understand about Onshore is that we have plans to grow here in northeast Missouri. We are going to create an additional 900 jobs, in addition to the 100 that we have already created, so that's pretty ambitious. We're already, in terms of payroll, the largest privately held employer in Macon County that's going to continue to grow."

Onshore Technologies is a rural outsourcing company. The company competes by doing information technology work against offshore companies in India and China. The company started in 2005 and now has three different locations: Two offices in Macon and one office in Joplin, Missouri.

Onshore Technologies is looking for interested employees from around the region to apply. They are also looking for those who may have a background in senior java and dot net software developers. Those with zero background in information technology are also encouraged to apply. Onshore will provide a bootcamp style training available right within their facility.

Anyone interested in Onshore Technologies or ways to become employed with them can visit their website: