Youth turkey harvest complicated by winds

Stuffed Turkey

Last week we brought you a story about children of the heartland taking classes for the youth turkey hunt weekend. Well the results are in and 3 thousand nine hundred and fifteen turkeys were harvested across the state of Missouri. Here in the heartland, Macon county had the highest number of turkeys harvested at 50. That was up nine turkeys from last year. Adair also had a good harvest, but its numbers were lower compared to last year with a harvest of 28 turkeys. Thatâ??s 14 less than last year. People should not be alarmed by the lower numbers this year. It was actually the weather that caused lower numbers at the youth turkey hunting weekend.

â??The biggest factors probably affecting harvest this year, Saturday the opening morning on the 6th was extremely windy. Youths are allowed to hunt all day, but all day we had gusts between 20 and 30 miles an hour which just inhibits the ability to hunt them properly and they just stay close to the shelter when the winds blow that hard,â?? said Ryan Jones Wildlife Management Biologist.

The regular hunting season starts April 15th and runs through May 5th.