YouTube video lands charges on teenagers

Social media is making more and more of an impact in our lives and one video posted on YouTube caught the attention of the Wapello County Sheriffâ??s Office.

A fight between Cardinal and Davis County High School students at the Wapello County Fairground surfaced on YouTube and spread like wildfire, all the way to the Wapello County and Davis County Sheriffâ??s offices.

The video has since been taken down due to its violent content.

It seems some things posted on Facebook between some of the teenagers initiated the fight.

â??A lot of times you don't have victims where people report being assaulted when theyâ??re involved in it actively. If a bunch of people get together and having a fight, you donâ??t get any victims from that because it's kind of a joint effort by everybody so we weâ??re able to identify people in the video and therefore charge them. In the state of Iowa if you engage in a fight in public areas it's disorderly contact,â?? said Wapello County Chief Deputy Don Phillips.

Six juveniles face charges ranging from disorderly conduct to assault.