Beef and dairy working together

Burgers on the grill are an american tradition and those burgers are often topped with cheese. But that's not the only way the beef and dairy industries are working together.

Through the Beef Checkoff Investments and the Nutrient Rich Food Coalition, beef and dairy producers are working to educate consumers and tell the story of the nutritional value both beef and dairy products deliver.

You look at the nutritional package of beef or dairy and you can start with protein. You know both products are just packed full of protein, said Chairman National Dairy Board Les Hardesty. And then all of your minerals, your traces and everything else, whether it's calcium in dairy, whether it's zinc and iron in beef."

Producers say beef and dairy working together on common issues makes sense for a number of reasons including the fact that more than 20 percent of the U.S. beef supply comes from dairy breeds.