Canned pumpkin shortage almost over

You may have noticed a shortage of canned pumpkin on store shelves.

A viewer brought this to Fact Finder's attention, so we did some checking Thursday to learn the reason.

We called Nestl, which makes Libby's Pumpkin, and Spokeswoman Roz O TMHearn confirmed there is currently a nationwide shortage, but she said that won't be the case for much longer.

The shortage is blamed on a poor growing season last year.

O TMHearn said the company usually has a surplus of canned pumpkin from the year before to carry them through, but they ran out this time around.

"Mother Nature likes to remind us from time to time that she is in charge, and we had a harvest last year that was bedeviled by lots of weather problems," said O TMHearn.

O'Hearn said this year's harvest of 5,000 acres of pumpkins is underway outside Morton, Illinois, and more Libby's Pumpkin will be shipped to supermarkets across the country starting next week.

The pumpkins are processed and packed at a facility in Morton where employees work 24 hours a day during harvest season.

Libby TMs Pumpkin is used to make an estimated 50 million pumpkin pies each fall.