Romney: Iowa doesn't prove a lot, hard work ahead

Chart shows opinion results on GOP entrance polls.

WASHINGTON (AP) â?? Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney says he recognizes victory in Iowa doesn't guarantee the Republican presidential nomination, saying "I want to make sure this isn't just a one-state sendoff."

Romney tells NBC's "Today" show he was "absolutely delighted" with his victory Tuesday since he had been "way behind in the polls."

But he concedes "it's a long road ahead" and that some are uncomfortable with his conservative credentials.

Asked how he could celebrate such a narrow victory, Romney says, "We've got a field of seven viable candidates, so it's just mathematically impossible to do much better than that."

Romney, who won by only a handful of votes, said he understands he's "got a target on my back," but that he has "broad shoulders" and is ready to defend his record.

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