Students return from National History Day

Eight students from Kirksville Middle School recently returned from the National History Day Competition in Baltimore, Maryland.

Three projects were showcased during last week TMs competition. Those were a documentary by Shannon Shaffer, an exhibit by Allie Ridgeway and Sydney Lambert, and a skit performed by Olivia Denslow, Cameron Snyder, Camden Woods, Kelsey Collins, and McKenzie Simmons.

Shaffer TMs documentary was on Harry Laughlin. A local man who helped lead the eugenic movement.

Ridgeway and Lambert TMs exhibit was on Wangari Maathai and her green movement.

And the skit was titled Maria Turner Harvey: Inspirational Rural Educator who taught at the Porter School in Kirksville.

The students had to do research on each of their historic figures and do well in the state competition.

To me, it was, you know, almost an educator's dream of course. Anytime you have students that get in and they work hard and you see how much they do learn from the beginning, and how much they can modify and change their project for the better, how much more comfortable they got with different questions and varied questions, said Instructor Susan Hazen.

I did a group display with Sydney Lambert and it's a foot tall display board about a woman named Wangari Maathai and she's from Kenya, Africa and her organization has planted over 70 million trees across the world, said Allie Ridgeway.

A documentary is definitely not an easy thing to take. If you think it's the easy way out it's not it took me months, said Shannon Shaffer.

I learned that even though you're from a small rural place that you can make a big difference in part of the world, said Olivia Denslow.

Hazen says the support from the community was overwhelming and they couldn't have done it without their help.

My favorite part was definitely making the board because you can use your creativity to do anything with it, said Ridgeway.

I had to be a little creative in finding enough pictures and probably the hardest part was doing the voiceovers, said Shaffer.

My favorite part about this was probably being with my friends, being able to do a project even though it was for school it was still fun because it was with my friends, said Denslow.