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      Top Google searches by state reveal varying interests

      Bacon is among the top searches in the state of Iowa.

      The real estate blog Estately has searched through all 50 states to find the top searches for each one. The non-scientific study revealed a lot about the interests in every state.So what's the top search keywords punched into Google? Estately said it ran hundreds of search queries through Google Trends to find what words, terms, or question each state checked out.In Missouri, the following topics are the most searched topics:Family Circus (comic)Nelly (rapper)

      And these are the most searched topics in Iowa: Bacon CornCounty FairDrake (sadly, not the rapper)First AmendmentGay Marriage Estately writes that it focused the search divisive topics like politics and religion, as well interest in types of recreation, music, movies, diet and health topics, famous people, TV shows, dumb questions, and a "bunch of silly stuff" like thumb wresting and glam rock.The states surrounding Missouri and Iowa rendered some interesting results as well.Arkansas:Atkins Diet, End of Days, Lap Band Surgery, Learn to Read, Walmart JobsKansas:Hoof and Mouth Disease, â??How I Met Your Motherâ?? (TV show), Toupee

      Illinois: Burrito s, Deep Dish Pizza , Dennis Rodman , Golf Injury, Oasis (band), Pizza, Racist Jokes, Thin Crust Pizza, â??Workaholicsâ?? (TV show)

      Nebraska:Jazzercise and Shuffleboard

      Minnesota:Football, Hipster, Personal Injury Lawyer, Rollerblading, Synchronized Swimming, Womenâ??s National

      Wisconsin:Basketball Association, Beanie Babies, Green Party, Log Rolling, Menthol Cigarettes, Mikeâ??s Hard Lemonade, Oprahâ??s Book Club, Survival Shelter

      South Dakota:Nickelback The results are not scientific, Estately writes, but it provides a look at each state's personality.