Utah officials ask Feds to investigate Senators Reid, Lee

Two prosecutors in Utah want the federal government to investigate alleged wrongdoing by two powerful U.S. senators, but, they are frustrated with a lack of action.

The two prosecutors and FBI agents have been working together to investigate possible wrongdoing by U.S. Democratic Senator Harry Reid of Nevada and Republican Mike Lee of Utah.

The allegations involve whether both senators received political donations in exchange for favors.

Plus, there are questions about Lee's purchase and sale of a house in Utah to a campaign contributor.

Spokespeople for both senators deny any wrong doing.

The prosecutors say they have received allegations from an indicted businessman and political donor, interviewed witnesses and gathered preliminary evidence.

The FBI is involved but, an FBI request of the Justice Department's Public Integrity Unit to investigate was turned down.

"So we have federal agents working with state prosecutors in a very rare circumstance to try to determine if two powerful members of Congress engaged in wrongdoing,â?? said John Solomon of the Washington Times.

"We're just two local prosecutors but everybody who was supposed to look at this evidence above us has made a decision not to, and by default left it to us to investigate and prosecute at the state level,â?? said Salt Lake County Prosecutor Sim Gill.

â??Ultimately, it doesn't serve the senators very well either if the FBI canâ??t get to the bottom of this. These questions are always going to linger over the Senators,â?? said Solomon.

A spokesperson for Senator Reid says a fundraising event in question was completely legal.

"Sen. Reid has always conducted his fundraising activities with full transparency and in full compliance with the law,â?? said Adam Jentleson.

In the meantime a spokesperson for Senator Lee says there was nothing improper about the home sale. "The purchase of the house was completely aboveboard so there was little to consider about appearances," said Brian Phillips.

There is much more to all of these allegations and the efforts by the two Utah prosecutors to investigate.

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