Watchdog says power plant cost overruns poorly managed

Most of us learn from an early age what happens when you don't plan.

When the government doesn't plan, it costs taxpayers more and this time it's about $3 billion more.

The Government Accountability Office says cost overruns at South Carolina's Savannah River Nuclear Facility are now out of control.

Savannah started construction on a new plant to dispose of plutonium, before final designs were even completed.

Our investigative media partner, the Washington Times, tells us that it appears the National Nuclear Security Administration and the Department of Energy fell asleep at the switchâ?¦

"The National Nuclear Security Administration, the NNSSA reviewed the project, tried to find out what was wrong, but, didn't actually record what led to the $3 billion cost increase," said Phillip Swarts of the Washington Times.

For letting costs spiral out of control to about $3 billion, the energy department and the National Nuclear Security Administration win the latest golden hammer.

So, what is the national nuclear security association doing about all the wasted taxpayer money? Click here to find out more.