What is the future of Job Corps?

With Congress talking about a government shut down, many people are concerned; including people with the Job Corps in Ottumwa.

The Job Corps program partnered with Indian Hills Community College recently. The program takes in 300 students, training them for nine months in various fields of interest. Most students go on to find good jobs or to higher learning.

There is just one problem. The program is federally funded.

And with Congress discussing a government shut down soon, the program may not last much longer.

Wapello County Supervisor Jerry Parker remains optimistic.

"The fact that they go through Job Corps, over 90% of the students then become productive members of society. We're optimistic. This is a good program. It pays society instead of collecting from society. So I think those are the kind of programs that congress is going to want to continue."

Parker also said the Department of Labor is taking applications from contractors who want to run the program.