Snake gets loose in Iowa

Michele Stiles holds pet snake

One animal lover is looking for one of her pets.

This type of creature doesn TMt get around on four legs though.

Michele Stiles owns dogs, cats and rescues animals. One animal she rescues is the snake. She owns four of them.

This past weekend, Stiles was out in the garage feeding her ball pythons. When she finished feeding them, she closed the tanks. She awoke the next day to find the snakes had escaped because the lids were not on properly.

The two snakes, one named George the other Stella, were gone. George was found later in the yard but as of 5:30 Tuesday evening Stella was still missing.

Stiles says the snake is about 4.5 feet in length and poses no danger to humans or other pets. Stiles wanted to make sure people know that the snake will no longer grow to be any bigger and wants to ease the public TMs concerns.

She believes the snake could be under the side of her garage to keep cool. If someone spots the snake she says to call the Keokuk County sheriff TMs office or the Ottumwa police department.

I will come and get it if you TMre too scared, said Stiles.

Or you can dial her number (641) 919-1744.