Zodiac sign won't change for most people

What TMs your sign? may not be as good a pickup line now that the signs of the zodiac have changed.

You may have seen KTVO TMs story this week about a change in the traditional astrological symbols.

It all began when an astronomer named Parke Kunkle told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the Earth TMs orbit is slightly off due to a change in its magnetic axis.

The change means that the Earth does not face the stars at the same angle any more.

As a result, said Kunkle, the new zodiac is shifted one month with the addition of a new sign, Ophiuchus the serpent.

Apparently Kunkle is surprised that his comments have created such a stir.

"Astronomers have known about this since about 130 B.C.," Kunkle told The Associated Press Friday.

KTVO asked some Northeast Missourians what a change in the zodiac would mean to them.

I was on Twitter last night and I saw something about it and I was like "oh, I might look into it and I've never really cared. I know what mine is, I'm a Gemini, or I guess I'm a Taurus now, from what I heard, said Lauren Tegtmeyer, a Truman student.

Another Truman Student, Angel McGee said she felt a close connection to her sign, Gemini.

I am a Gemini, born and raised, if you want to call it. That is my sign...I am as loving and kind and calm as can be, but I also have this feisty side, said McGee.

McGee added that she did not think a change in her sign would change the way she felt about herself.

Danah Fowler of Milan was born on September 23, right on the cutoff between Libra and Virgo.

It won't affect me any because I pick and choose anyway and I am assuming if someone, if theirs changed that they're going to just choose the Zodiac that best goes with their day.

As it turns out, the change in the zodiac probably won TMt affect you at all.

Western astrology does not structure the zodiac around the positions of constellations.

Rather, the zodiac used in the United States is based solely on dates.

In other words, western astrology is no longer in line with the original zodiac constellations anyway.

For instance, Virgo is always August 23 to September 23.

Additionally, the change in the zodiac only affects people born on or after 2009, even in eastern astrology.

So if you TMre worried about having to change that Capricorn tattoo, no need to worry.

If you TMre curious about the new zodiac calendar, click here.