Missouri wide receiver Levi Copelin suspended for the 2014-15 season

The National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) has suspended University of Missouri sophomore wide receiver Levi Copelin from athletic competition for the 2014-15 season


â??The reason I am suspended is that I recently bought an over-the-counter nutritional supplement from a local store, and used it as part of my workout routine.

Unfortunately, I used it without clearing it with my strength coaches or trainers.

This supplement is legal and available to the public, but it isnâ??t approved by the NCAA, and as a result of using it, I failed an NCAA drug test.

This was a stupid mistake on my part, and Iâ??m very sorry that I put myself and my team in this situation.

This is a hard lesson to learn, as I never had the wrong intentions.

I also understand there arenâ??t any shortcuts to success.

Thereâ??s nothing I can do except dedicate myself to representing me, my family, my team, and Mizzou the right way going forward.

Iâ??m very grateful to my coaches and my teammates for giving me a chance to overcome this.â??


â??This is a very unfortunate situation, but one that Levi created for himself.

Heâ??s paying the price for this mistake, and I commend him for owning up to it and taking responsibility.

Our strength coaches and trainers rely on our players to be careful of what they do on their own, and to always get approval from them first.

Weâ??re disappointed that Levi didnâ??t follow this guideline, but we will support him during this time, and have high expectations that he will handle all of his responsibilities in the classroom, in the community and on the field in a first-class manner.â??