Drag Racer Mary Reep shines at Eddyville Raceway

Drag racing is a fast and dangerous sport for adrenaline junkies and speed addicts. Few people get behind the wheel of one of these cars.

And those few showed up at the Eddyville Raceway this weekend for the 2013 World Fuel Altered Nationals.

But there was something very different about one of the driversâ?¦. she's a woman.

"I met my husband and he took me to my very first race, and he won, and I was hooked. Four years ago he decided to retire from the driving part, he stepped out and I stepped in," said drag racer Mary Reep.

And she's seen success. Mary's ET is 3.84 seconds and 192 miles an hour.

"A lot of people ask when I drive, what I think about. If you're thinking, it's over. 3.8 seconds is very very quick," Reep said.

Mary and her crew races in a series that is no longer sanctioned by the NHRA.

"They're known for going sideways, just being very dangerous and wild cars.That's the reason our group is the outlawed fuel altered's because we're not a sanctioned group," said Reep.

Knowing the dangers, some may think she just pushes a pedal and goes, but there is much more to the sport. It's probably the hardest most difficult thing I've ever done.

It takes a lot of concentration and it's not something you just step in and do. Mary's safety is not only put in her hands, but those of her crew members.

Complete trust is needed from every member on the team.

"You have to pay attention to everything, detail is what matters in this. This is a very efficient car, but it can also hurt someone, tiny little details matter. So you have to look at everything, check everything, double check everything, be sure of what you're doing," said Vernon Phillips, Pit Crew Member.

Vernon has been a part of the race family for a while, and has his own reasons for being apart of the team.

"We're all like a big family, i met the love of my life with this crew people i would do anything for, and people that would do anything for me."

The tight knit family has had a couple scares, mary's hit the wall twice but thankfully wasn't injured. She stresses most of all, that this sport isn't something one can just fall into.

"You don't step out of your volkswagen bug and into one of these cars," said Reep.

Mary and her crew will head back to Texas once the weekend's over, but not before leaving her mark on the track.