Kirksville Hall of Fame inducts three new members

It was a special night for the newest members of the Kirksville Hall of Fame on Monday night.

The first Tiger team from 1900 was inducted along with coach Jerry Meyer and former player Dick Gooch.

Mike miletich is the current historian of the Orange and Black foundation and accepted the award on their behalf.

"The 1900 team was the first team that Kirksville high school had. It had 14 guys that came out for the team and Burt Sees was elected captain and went uptown and was able to find 14 sweaters that matched and they were orange and black and that's how the Tigers became the Tigers."

And the foundation was set to be carried on by coaches like Jerry Meyer who is humbled by the induction.

"It's a great honor to be chosen and i'd like to say we because of all the coaches and players that i've had as we came through the system made a great impact on my life and the players."

And that's evident in former player Dick Gooch who is thankful for the school's sports tradition.

"An athlete in Kirksville can wish for himself or herself and aspire to do great things and through athleticism and through desire and heart and so on they can take that to great heights."