Kirksville Kids Club sends 12 to state

Kirksville, MO - The Kirksville Kids Club is sending a dozen young grapplers to the state tournament this Friday and the season of training has helped these 7 to 14 year olds with multiple facets of the sport.

â??Itâ??s helped me with my speed and endurance, getting me in shape," said Colby Steele.

Allen George adds, â??2 years and itâ??s helped me with my foot work, speed and mental.â??

The young Tigers competed in a regional tournament this past weekend, finishing in the top 4 qualifying for the final 16 spots in the state bracket, which is everyoneâ??s main goal of the season.

â??Itâ??s fun going to state.â?? -Tanner Lain

â??Iâ??ve been wrestling since I was 4, 8 years I think it is now. So itâ??s definitely the same every year, but it gets more exciting as you go on," said Ethan Gooch.

â??Itâ??s really my sport I like it a lot. Iâ??ve been wrestling for 3 years now. This is actually my first time getting to go to state," said Brent Place.

The wrestlers like the sport for different reasons, but all have the same plan, to wrestle for Kirksville High School team.

â??I chose wrestling because itâ??s a really competitive sport.â?? -Slade Weber

â??Because itâ??s fun to take people down,â?? said Jaden Ballinger.

The experience levels vary throughout the group, from first time qualifiers to 8 year veterans, but all the guys want to end the their seasons the same way, with their hands raised and heads held high.