Macon County Workshop requests paper goods for recycling program

The Macon County Sheltered Workshop is in need of magazines and whole, paperback books for their recycling program. They are currently in need of magazines and paperback books due to a low season of regular work for their eight employees. The Workshop employs disabled persons in the recycling and hand assembly production of paper goods.

If you would like to donate they are located at 1103 Enterprise Road and are open from 8 am to 4 pm. Executive Director Cindy Schaeffer says they could use the help to keep a full staff. "The biggest benefit of that would be to keep people employed with persons with disabilities in order to have them here everyday we need this product."

The Sheltered Workshop is a part of Macon Diversified Industries. The MDI also runs a thrift store called Timeless Treasure which accepts most household goods in working order. For more information log on to