Macon hosts punt, pass and kick competition

The rain couldn't damper the spirits of 134 youngsters at Hugh Dunn Field in Macon on Sunday afternoon

The kids turned out to punt pass and kick their way for a trip to an NFL game.

Rashelle Porter came all the way from Monroe City to participate and enjoys the competition.

"My hometown did do it a long time ago and they stopped doing it so we started coming to macon and i've been to the dome in St. Louis so we thought we'd try to go to Kansas City."

The winners will advance to the scetional competition in Jefferson City on October 13th, here are the winners from the contest:

Boys Ages 6 and 73rd place - Isiah Fisher - 52'2nd place - Levi Harrell - 77' 1"1st place - Levi Fisher - 92' 9" Girls Ages 8 and 91st place - Savanah Thompson - 62' Boys Ages 8 and 93rd place - Logan Hillard - 121' 6"2nd place - Mykel Linear - 130' 6"1st place - Keaton Bealmer - 133' 4" Boys Ages 10 and 112nd place - Dantae Magruder - 187' 1"1st place - Austin Warren - 198' 11" Girls Ages 14 and 151st place - Rashelle Porter - 203' 7"