Moulton hosts first Iowa ATV Series event

Moulton, Iowa - Boys, girls, men and women ages 5 to 70 suited up in Moulton, Iowa for a muddy good time.

Throughout the day there were 3 separate 2 hour races for kids, amateurs and the highly anticipated semi-pro division.

â??Well itâ??s the first one and weâ??re the land owners, our parents are the landowners so we want to do good and we hope to have it again here next year and years to come, but weâ??re hoping for a win. 1st and 2nd,â?? said A-Class Racer, Ryan Sales.

This was the first Iowa series race in Appanoose County on a brand new 7 mile track, being built from scratch in the past 2 weeks. And all 4 hundred 18 competitors were impressed with the course conditions.

â??It was amazing, it was perfect out there. Thereâ??s some muddy spots, some dusty spots, perfect race,â?? said 2nd place divisional finisher, Brady Kyner.

The event brought fans and A-T-V enthusiasts from 7 different states, including travelers from South Carolina and Oklahoma.