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      Powerade vs Gatorade in the heat of San Antonio

      Gatorade has apologized for tweets posted from the company's account after Miami Heat star LeBron James was forced to leave Game 1 of the NBA Finals. James was forced out of the game because of cramps, a sign of dehydration.

      Temperatures in the arena in San Antonio soared during the game because of an air conditioning outage, and the Spurs pulled away after James departed for a 110-95 win. Gatorade tweeted "With a game this hot, we're right at home" late in the game.

      Several other now-deleted tweets followed from the account, including one saying "The person cramping wasn't our client.

      Our athletes can take the heat." James is a paid endorser of Powerade, a rival of Gatorade.

      The Heat have Gatorade products on their sideline during games.