Buy a brick for the new enrtyway at Spainhower Field

The Orange and Black Foundation would like to conduct private fundraising efforts to support the construction of the brick walls and memorials, as well as develop the infrastructure to support the updating of these items into the future.

The Foundation will be, at least in part, the "keeper of the history of Spainhower".

NEW FACADE TO SPAINHOWER FIELD, TO INCLUDE:Decorative fencing and lighting leading to the entryway.A discreet "priority" entryway for pass holders/supporters/faculty, etc.Brick/Stone entryway to ticket box that features 5-6 foot brick walls with stones/bricks being with names of players/families/teams/supporters, etc.An island with life-size, bronze tiger, located to be incorporated into new "pre-game" walk tradition.An area of the wall with display "Kirksville Football Hall of Fame".Integrated parking spots along the new fence/brick, that will be purchased by the season during an auction/fundraiser/kickoff dinner event.UPGRADES TO THE TICKET OFFICE AND INTERIOR OF SPAINHOWER FIELD, TO INCLUDE:Brick/Stone ticket boxUpgraded sidewalks/standing areasIncreased security lighting and access control

The opportunity order form to purchase a piece of history for the new project is available in PDF format here: Opportunity Order Form and also at the top of each page of our site.

Please print, fill out and return the form as instructed in the form.

For more information go to the Orange and Black Foundation web site.