Mt. Pleasant falls to Waverly in OT at State

Des Moines, IA - The state tournament quarterfinal between returning state champion, Mount Pleasant and 21 and 4 Waverly Shellrock was one for the ages. A battle of the big men, between Panther Faith Pope, and UNI Commit Klinton Carlson. The fans were rowdy... and the back-and-forth team blows were constant...

The Panthers had it all but finished as they were up 6 with a minute and a half to play, but down goes Pope to fouls, and Carlson scored a much needed hoop followed by two more by Jake Velky and Drew Demuth...

The regulation ended even at 47s...

Overtime came and Waverly kept momentum ... leaving the Panthers with one shot to tie it up. Waverly won 54 - 49,

â??I think this group of kids came along maybe further than any group Iâ??ve ever had.â??