The EBF wrestling team to raise money to benefit Tyler Zickefoose

On Sunday night at 6:30 pm, members of the EBF wrestling team will be doing a polar plunge at a home located at 1005 Fox Run in Oskaloosa.

Sponsors have stepped up and for each Rocket wrestler that does the plunge, $35 will be donated to the family of Tyler Zickefoose.

Tyler is a wrestler for Oskaloosa High School.

He was severely injured in an ATV accident on Easter day breaking his wrist and neck.

As of right now, he has no feeling from about his shoulders/armpits down.

Since the 20th, he has had front and back neck surgery, and a splint on his left arm.

The doctors can't put a cast on the arm yet because his arm is so swollen.

He has been very sedated the past few days and has been resting as much as possible at Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines.

Tyler might be a rival for us during the season but he is still part of our huge "wrestling family" and when a wrestler is in need, we do what we can to help.

There is a Tyler Zickefoose Benefit Account set up at Valley Bank in Oskaloosa anyone is welcome to drop off a donation.