KTVO Birthdays and Anniversaries

Birthdays and Anniversaries

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July 6
Dwayne & Merri Gillespie

July 7
Dexter & Denise Brookhart

July 14
Mr. & Mrs. Jack R Oliver

July 24
Bryan and Melissa Yowell

August 1
Eric & Lacy King

August 4
Chad & Kendra Stearman


July 3
Pete Zahut
Brian Walters
Laura Walters

July 8
Scarlett Stater

July 9
Layton Moots

July 10
Sam Snyder

July 12
Jack Snyder
Mandy Gray
Tessa McCartney

July 14

Dalton McCartney

July 20
Kathy Erwin
William Silvia

July 23
Stephanie Jones

July 27
Justin Harris

July 31
Aaron Taylor & Amy Hartman

August 4
Richie Lewton

August 9
Bill Buress

August 12

Jean Dudgeon
Ronnie Withrow

August 16
Noah Tipton

August 18
Zelda Elmore

August 20
Shafer Jones
Zach Peck

August 25
Maren Elmore
Melissa Yowell
Berniece Butler

August 27
Bryan Collier

August 31
Michael Turner