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      Today brings a chance to see our first rainfall of the month. Skies will be partly sunny with those shower chances at 20%. The best chances will be in the mid and late afternoon hours. We're watching a cold front that will pass through this afternoon and help in producing those showers. High temperatures climb to 80 degrees. SW winds 5-15 mph with gusts near 24.

      Increasing clouds tonight with a 20% chance of showers tonight. Cooler air moves into the region as overnight lows fall to 51 degrees. NW winds 5-10 mph.


      We see an increase in sunshine to wrap up another workweek on Friday. You'll notice the effects of that cooler air with high temperatures at 63 degrees. Breezy North winds 10-15 mph.

      Mostly clear skies on Friday night. It's getting a bit chilly with overnight lows near 41 degrees. Light winds.


      The weekended starts off great. We will see a lot of sunshine for your Saturday. It's feeling like autumn again with 70 degrees for the high. SW winds 5-10 mph.

      Mostly clear skies on Saturday night. Not as chilly with overnight lows near 52 degrees.


      Plentiful amounts of sunshine on Sunday. The roller coaster temperatures continue as our highs will top out near 80 degrees.

      Mostly clear skies Sunday night with lows near 58 degrees.


      Lots of sunshine continues on Monday as well as the mild temperatures. Highs will top out near 74 degrees.

      Mostly clear skies Monday night with lows a bit cooler near 46 degrees.


      Sunshine continues on Tuesday and pleasant with highs near 71 degrees.

      Mostly clear skies Tuesday night with lows in the upper 40's.

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      Record High88F
      Record Low26F

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