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      Expect cloudy skies and a 40% chance of precipitation as you head out to do some Black Friday shopping. Rain and freezing rain is possible through about noon. After that, anything that falls will be rain. Amounts of a quarter of an inch or less are expected, so the heaviest of the rain is over. Temperatures take a tumble from what we saw for Thanksgiving. We only top out at 36 degrees by the afternoon. Blustery with northerly winds 10-20 mph with gusts near 26

      Cloudy skies tonight as the rain finally moves out. Overnight lows near are 27 degrees. It's still breezy with NE winds 10-15 with gusts up to 20.


      Expect cloudy skies for Saturday. Temperatures are still below normal and chilly with a high of 37 degrees. NE winds 10-15 mph. Gusts up to 20.

      Cloudy skies on Saturday night. We could see a stray sprinkle. Overnight lows fall to near 31 degrees. NE winds 5-10 mph.


      Expect another cloudy day on Sunday as our next system moves in. It's another chilly day as highs top out near 40 degrees. NE winds 5-10 mph.

      Clouds will stay with us as well as a 30% chance of a rain/snow mix Sunday night. We could see also see a bit of freezing rain mixed in. Lows fall to 31 degrees.


      Mostly cloudy skies on Monday with a 80% chance of rain as we wrap up November. A little freezing rain is possible as you're waking up. Temperatures stay chilly with highs topping out near 42 degrees.

      Clouds will stay with us on Monday night as well as a 40% chance of a rain/snow mix. Lows dip down to 30 degrees.


      The month of December starts with mostly cloudy skies across the area Tuesday. Temperatures top out near 40 degrees.

      The cloudy stick around Tuesday night with lows falling into the upper 20s.


      The sunshine finally returns to the area on Wednesday. Temperatures are still below normal at 41 degrees.

      Partly cloudy skies on Wednesday night. Overnight lows around 27 degrees.

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