'Threatening, bullying is not the answer': Fury over pit bull ban continues in Ottumwa
Protest against pit bull ban held in Oct. 2021. (KTVO/Tasha Turner file){p}{/p}

Ottumwa is still working on a 20-year ban on pit bulls amid alleged threats from residents.

The ban on pit bulls has always sparked up debates within the City of Bridges, but during Tuesday night’s city council meeting, Councilmember Cara Galloway expressed her frustration with being bullied regarding this topic.

I do not like the threatening emails, the bullying tactics, and people being downright rude,” Galloway said. “I am sorry, I understand that this is a heated issue, but threatening and bullying is not going to get anyone anywhere. It is really going to just shut us down from listening and truly understanding what you are trying to say.”

As for an update on the ordinance, instead of focusing just on banned animals, city staff said they are now looking at the entire code involving animals.

Staff said they are still working on the new ordinance. They said that they have looked at other communities and are continuing to do research and discuss this issue amongst themselves.

“Do we want to do it or do we want to do it correctly,” said Councilmember Marc Roe. “I will not, under any circumstances, vote on a resolution that is not done correctly. We will do it right or we will not do it at all.”

Right now, the city is looking at changing the phrase “dangerous animal” to “potentially high risk”.

They plan to have a first draft ready for the May 3 agenda.

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