Family 411: Baby steps for family road trips

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You can take your children on marathon road trips, but you have to begin with baby steps.

Helen Bosacki spells out a family travel goal.

Road trips are normal for Sebastian, Charlotte and Eleanor.

Each traveling since birth.

"I would say I wasn't afraid to start. Once you actually do it, you realize tantrums happen, meltdowns happen."

Their mom is behind 'Diaper Bag Diaries.'

Travel was the original idea for Helen's family focused blog.

"I think as parents, you think you can't go anywhere once you have children."

Helen recommends anxious parents begin with short road trips.

"Starting in small increments and working up, we've done two to four hours. It's no big deal for us at all."

Fill a backpack with supplies to hold their attention.

"They have books to choose from, all sorts of different coloring and art they can do in the car."

She's cut short a trip when her little ones got too tired.

Helen says timing is everything to alleviate tantrums.

"You have to go into the plan knowing that you might have to leave early."

A backup plan can make all the difference.

"If the first place you tried didn't work out, well maybe we should find a nearby playground or park because all kids love that no matter what."

Stepping stones to longer vacations.

"The main thing we're trying to build up is being comfortable."

Helen says a marathon road trip is in the works for the trio.

Sebastian will also soon join mom and dad on a flight.

"We're comfortable in that setting so we just have to one by one get each of them comfortable in that setting."

International travel is the goal.

Helen says it's important her children see the world.

"I think the kids will take that with them as they get older and then when they're older, they're going to go on these adventures by themselves."

Bosacki says she tells other parents it's better to start early than wait until you think it's the right age.

It's a way to get your child comfortable with all aspects of travel.

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