Family 411: Daddy daughter hair studio


A divorced dad turned self-taught hair stylist.

He now shows fellow fathers a few up-do tricks.

As Tara Morgan shows us, it's more than just doing their daughter's hair in this Family 411 report.

It became second nature when Mike Sherron had to weave his way toward the perfect braid.

"It's been a process for sure."

A self-taught stylist after Mike got a divorce.

"I was absolutely not going to take her to school a mess."

Mike and his six year old daughter Adeline started out watching YouTube hair tutorials together.

"Ponytails tangled oddly enough and so it needed to be something that was more braided."

His new skill set morphed into elaborate styles.

"The skill set built as her hair lengthened."

This one for kindergarten graduation.

It's a way for him and Adeline to bond.

"I get to chat with him about a lot of things."

In what typically is a nightly ritual to ease the morning routine.

"We're able to have that time, shut everything down, just talk. 'Hey what happened to you today? What are you looking forward to?'"

Mike took his skills a step further.

"We're getting to a place where there's a lot more single fathers."

Connecting with the 'Daddy Daughter Hair Factory.'

"He sent me his class guide and we got started."

He too now helps other dads do their daughter's hair.

"We had a couple of teachers."

Dads like James Vanover, who've only captured a ponytail with elastic.

So they don't get tangled in the hair lingo.

Even his tricks are rubbing off on Mike's own daughter.

"She's actually becoming quite the braider herself.

A bond over follicles that's building a better family.

Mike says he gives dads basic skills to build on and encouragement to take the extra steps.

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