Family 411: Eating and cooking healthy as a teen

Family 411: Eating and cooking healthy as a teen (Lu Ann Stoia, WSYX)

Teenagers tend to eat what tastes good and is in easy reach.

Below are the keys to getting young people to eat healthy for them to gain their independence in the kitchen.

Chef Eileen Pewitt is working on a recipe that teaches teens hands-on cooking skills and team building.

Pewitt tells us this kitchen is a safe place to come after school and offers a meal some kids may not have access to.

"We get kids who may have never been around cooking in their own home and we get children who [have] been the person who have done the cooking."

Pewitt, a nurse who went to culinary school, says good nutrition during the teen years is crucial since their bodies are still growing and developing.

Student Walter Walton says he doesn't always eat what he should.

Walton and the other students learn how to cook less processed and more clean foods.

"It could save your life. So you don't get diabetes, get fat, have heart attacks."

"The most healthy eating and healthy cooking you can do happens in your own home," said Pewitt.

This 'Youth for Christ' program teaches the students to communicate and form relationships with adults and their peers.

"I think it is fun because everybody is born from different places, so you get some of everybody's culture put together and everybody's learning put together," said student Sophia Rehouma.

The teens learn to put passion and love into their work.

"So much going on in these classes," said Pewitt. "We teach them, they teach us and they teach each other and it is so much more than just cooking."

Pewitt says teens sitting down to a meal they cook brings them together like a family.

The chef says thy will take the teens on field trips to the supermarket to learn more about how to shop for healthy food.

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