Family 411: Rekindling lost love

No one said marriage was easy, but experts say 'dating' your spouse can help keep the romance alive.

Vince and Krystina Shirey strapped themselves in for the long haul seven years ago.

Married with a house full of children.

Life put up roadblocks, and the romance stalled.

"That love and affection we felt for each other, it wasn't new anymore."

The Shireys say time just for each other turned into a necessity.

"We kind, we're feeling tension in the marriage."

Deidre Prewitt councils married couples.

She says relationships take a back seat as many struggle with balancing family life.

"They're just passing one another in the night and the day, they flop on the bed and go to sleep and they don't every really talk to each other."

Prewitt says couples should make it a priority to connect with each other.

"They have to realize they're showing their children what they're relationship looks like. Good, bad or indifferent."

A couple years into the Shirey's marriage, Krystina and Vince took a shot at adding 'date night' to their family calendar.

Once a week, the Shireys focus on their relationship.

"When we're on date night, I'm worried about him and he's worried about me."

Prewitt says even taking 15 minutes a day to shut out the rest of the world can make a difference.

"It's about finding that person in this new grown up, Finding that person you originally wanted to spend the rest of your life with."

Vince and Krystina look for things to do that are interactive.

"I need quality time, eye-to-eye contact."

And try to stay consistent with their weekly ritual.

"God forbid we miss a couple of weeks, I think I could have a bad attitude or she could have a bad attitude, it's mostly me."

As they steer toward a healthy and happy life together."

"Continue to ask here to do things, eventually it'll reciprocate and you're rekindling that love from when you first got together."

Prewitt says couples should consider counseling to find a way back to what they once had, but don't wait years to get started.

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