Family 411: Tips for grandparents raising grand kids

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The number of grandparents raising grand kids in the USA is on the rise.

Grannies and papaws are stepping up to take care of their 'grand families' often times with little or no times with little or no time to plan.

Four-year-old Skyler is learning the practical art of shucking corn form her grandfather. Geoff Strawn and his wife Nita tell us raising the little girl is what they need to do since her mother is out of the picture.

"Everybody is not going to be around some day and there is stuff she needs to know."

Skyler is one of an estimated eight million children in America living with her grandparents.

Officials say the opiate crisis is much to blame for the spike.

"It's hard. The legal, the financial, the drug addictions."

While most couples look to fill up their bank accounts for retirement, families like the Strawns for go their financial dreams to invest in their grand kids.

"A lot of them end up not being able to retire."

Nita Strawn gets creative looking for things to keep her granddaughter busy.

"Be patient. It takes patience."

The Strawns tell us it's important to network in some way.

They started a Facebook group to share questions and concerns with others across the country.

The Strawns say when they put Skyler to bed at night, they turn in not long after since the care for their granddaughter can be exhausting and stressful.

Especially if there is family drama.

"Most states have some type of grandparents rights."

They want more state and local resources made available.

"She is a handful, but she is a blessing."

If you want to help, look for a grandparent support group in your area.

Contributions such as gift cards or food are often a good idea.

Volunteer for a couple house of child care so the grandparents can go to doctor visits or get errands done.

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