The fun of family game nights

The fun of family game nights (WSYX)

Put down the cell phone for a bit. Start a new tradition.

Family game nights are making a comeback across the country

But what are the benefits of gathering for a night of fun?

A family shares some silly times around the table.

At the table, players are taking turns spinning a toilet paper roll, flushing, and then there is the suspense of who gets doused with a little water.

Game night is a family tradition, a positive outlet and all ages are included.

"We had a three-year-old and a 65-year-old that participated and we all had fun," said grandpa Roy McIntosh.

Time is everything. Grandpa says the older you get, the more you reflect on coming together and spending time with loved ones.

"That in today's society, it's a struggle for kids to laugh and there is a lot of pressure and bullying and things like that this gets children away from that," said grandpa Roy.

Mom Kelli Berner says the games are a good way to get to know your family.

"Sometimes you play games and you think I didn't know Aunt Glo could be so goofy," said Kelli.

"It's an activity that doesn't involve electronic devices or a screen," said dad Jason.

The games aren't just for academic skills, but children are learning communication and sportsmanship and everybody is making memories.

"The laughter and just how crazy we can be at times and it's just fun and in a stressful world that we can sit back and actually enjoy ourselves," said Jason.

Families tell us that game night is an inexpensive way to spend time together.

A healthy pot luck meal is a nice addition for everybody to enjoy.

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