The importance of flea protection for your pets year-round


    Where there’s one flea, there are probably hundreds more. Believe it or not, these are year-round pests.

    Dr. Devon Smith sees cases all the time in the winter because owners falsely believe that these pests are seasonal.

    Another common misbelief is that indoor-only animals are not at risk, when in fact, they are!

    Watch out for symptoms like excessive itching, hair loss, flea dirt or poop on the skin.

    In extreme cases flea infestations can even result in anemia.

    Collars, topicals or pills can be used for flea prevention, and this not something to skimp on. The off-brand “generic” products are not as effective.

    Read all labels before administration. Dog products, when incorrectly applied to cats, can be fatal.

    And remember, prevention is always the best medicine.

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