"Death by Diapers” Challenge

Trainer Stephanie is accepting diapers in return for a vicious workout chosen by YOU! (KTVO: Ela Soroka)

One Northeast Missouri business owner is doing a very unique fitness challenge in hopes of helping out one Heartland organization

Stephanie McGrew of Lone Star Physiques in Kirksville is accepting diapers in return for a vicious workout chosen by you.

Here’s how it works: for each diaper that is donated, the person that made that donation gets to pick out the workout McGrew does.

For example, 24 diapers equals 24 push-ups, sit-ups or whatever exercise move you choose.

A portion of the diapers will then be donated to Lifeline Pregnancy Help Clinic in Kirksville.

The other portion will be donated to Lone Star Physiques for the new moms to use.

“I actually have five clients that are due to have kids in the next month or so, “ Stephanie McGrew of Lone Star Physiques said. “I just thought about the new expenses and with it being the holiday time, I realized that this is probably a problem that a lot of local people have. So I thought it would be a good way to give back to the community, and also show support to those clients of mine that are having babies.”

McGrew will be accepting diapers of all sizes and brands through the end of November.

You can drop them off at Lone Star Physiques anytime between now and November 30th.

Lone Star Physiques is located at 1308 S. Baltimore Street in Kirksville.

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