Walmart tightens Opioid prescription policies

Walmart will limit dosage and length of opioid prescriptions within the next two months. (MGN Online)

(AP)- Walmart is tightening its Opioid prescription policies.

The retail giant is limiting the lengths of such prescriptions and requiring they be filled electronically.

The company announced Monday that within 60 days, it will only fill first-time acute Opioid prescriptions for seven days or less nationwide.

It will also limit the dosage to 50 Morphine milligram equivalents per day.

The new restrictions follow recommendations from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

A CDC study found people who were prescribed at least on Opioid therapy had a six-percent chance of being addicted a year later.

But that rose to 13.5% for patients prescribed eight or more days of treatment.

The CDC also notes higher dosages are more likely to lead to overdose deaths.

Walmart will also require e-prescriptions for controlled substances starting in 2020.

The compnay expects online prescriptions to help prevent fraud and minimize error.

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