Feed the Heartland

Feed the Heartland, growing a stronger community, empowering a future generation.

It might be hard to believe that there is a very real hunger issue right here in the Heartland. And with some of our neighbors struggling to bring food into their family's homes, as many as 1 in 5 children may be going to bed hungry tonight.

--The Food Bank of Iowa's supporters, donors, partners, partner agencies and thousands of volunteers donated over 4,000 hours of their time to help provide food to people in need the fiscal year ending June 30, 2014.

--Over 181,000 Iowans in The Food Bank of Iowa's service area are facing food insecurity in cities, towns and rural areas. Many of these individuals are working families struggling to make ends meet.

--The BackPack Program served 4,000 low income children per week with child-friendly, easy to prepare foods for the weekend at 96 sites in 23 counties. During fiscal year 2015, this number will increase by 500 children per week at 113 sites in 26 counties.

--Mobile Pantries that distribute food farmer's market style to areas with limited resources available, especially in rural communities, had eight sites with 22 distributions and concluded with the establishment of two new permanent pantries. For fiscal year 2015,the number of distributions will double to 45.

--Missouri has been ranked #2 in the U.S. for low food security

--Missouri has also been rated #10 in fastest growth for low food Insecurity

--$1 buys 12.5 meals

--Free and Reduced School lunches run from 52% to 66% of the children in our schools in our area

--$15 buys 225 pounds of food

Click here for Food Bank of Southern Iowa donation information

Click here for The Food Bank for Central and Northeast Missouri donation information

Feed the Heartland, growing a stronger community, empowering a future generation.

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