Keep eyes and minds on road, and 'Just Drive'

Free car seat safety checks at â??Just Driveâ?? event

As we're just days away from the Memorial Day holiday weekend, KTVO wants to remind everyone to keep their eyes and minds on the road.

KTVO hosted a â??Just Driveâ?? event in Ottumwa on Wednesday.

Bowling Motors and RV Sales and R/J Performance Inc. in Ottumwa know the importance of safe driving when it comes to motorcycles and RVs, but road safety is everyone's business, no matter how many wheels they're driving on.

"As summer and things heat up we're trying to promote safe driving here at Bowling RV and R/J because we'll have a lot of campers out on the roads especially with Memorial Weekend and a lot of motorcyclists too as the weather gets nicer," said Adam Bowling, Bowling Motors and RV Sales.

According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, last year 321 lives were lost on Iowa roads, 51 of those were motorcyclists.

Stay safe by wearing a helmet, reflective gear, and have working brake and signal lights.

"That ground is not soft and it does damage so wearing a helmet is definitely good, you never know when you're going to go down, that's for sure," said Matt Burton of R/J Performance Inc. "If you ride like everybody's going to pull out in front of you, you're going to be so much better off."

For those who are driving or towing RVs, some safety tips from Bowling RV.

"A lot of the safety when it comes to RVs is you want to make sure your truck is big enough to handle the RV you're pulling, as far as safety on the road because if not you get that whip and sway between your camper and that could get dangerous, and the same thing with tire pressure and the heat on the roads in the summertime that can get dangerous too because you see a lot of popped tires out there," said Adam Bowling.

Safety is also on the mind of many moms, including Bobby-Jo Markle.

"Seatbelts and helmets are a very big deal with a three and five year old," said Markle.

Wednesdayâ??s â??Just Driveâ?? event also included a car seat safety check and a meet and greet with the state patrol.

"I wanted them to see why we do it and to meet the police officers because they know if we don't wear our seatbelts then we can get pulled over by the cops and they're very aware of that," said Markle.

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