Missourian sharing story to prevent more lives lost after friend killed in accident

Kirksville High School students got a chance to see how a simple decision can change a life forever.

Kayle Denney was just 17, driving a vehicle with a few friends when their lives changed forever.

Just two weeks after getting her license, with a car full of friends, she was trying to go around a curve in the rain.

She hydroplaned, over-corrected, and got into a crash.

Denney was not wearing her seatbelt -- and as a result -- suffered a spinal cord injury.

Another passenger in the vehicle was killed in the accident.

Now ten years after that accident -- nearly every aspect of her life is still different because of that one afternoon.

Denney is sharing her story with current high schoolers to prevent the same from happening to them -- and to show how a simple decision to put on a seat-belt can be life-or-death.

KTVO has teamed up with the Northeast Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety and other local sponsors in an effort to reduce traffic fatalities on Heartland roads.

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