"Say What": Our government's role

KTVO's "Say What" segment. (KTVO)

Should our government be doing more or less? KTVO asked students on campus, "What kind of a role do you think our government plays?" and "Should tuition be free?"

"That's a tough question," said Grace Hobbs," just maintain order, I guess."

"Free tuition needs to be encouraged and cheaper than it is currently."

"Obviously it's a central executive role. Without the government, who's going to regulate the overarching workings of our country?," said George Stephens.

"I don't think they should offer free tuition for nothing. Because, one, where are they going to get the money? It's going to come from somewhere. Nothing's free. There's no free lunch. However I do think there should be higher caps on the federal financial aid."

"In a democratic country I think the government's role is to maximize society's happiness and so, sometimes that includes lying off and sometimes that includes restricting," Joey Musholt said.

"But there's a lot of other countries that have managed to do it successfully. So I'm not sure if we necessarily could. Because we are kind of a unique case in our expenses [because] we have really good schools here. I think we could definitely look at maybe reducing the cost."

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