"Say What?": Political Issues

Political Issues

Another busy week in politics has come to a close. KTVO went to Truman State University to ask about issues important to some students.

Do you think politics are fair or do you think politics are unfair?

"I think they are a tough game. It's easy to look unfair but, I don't really know how it could become [fairer] as far. We allow everyone to vote and beyond that I'm not sure what we could do," said Derek Franklin

"I think they're a little unfair. I do, but I think they can be overcome because, I'm a political science major and I'm going to work in Jeff City when I graduate and I know I can overcome it. I can work hard and I can make what I want to happen," said Ben Terrell.

What are some important issues to you and for our country?

"There are a lot of important issues now. I think one not given enough attention is maybe environmental concerns. Now that it's really a black and white issue. I do think we are not keep in mind future generations and what they'll have to deal with," said Franklin.

"Bringing jobs back to America. Very important. I'm a college kid; I want to make sure I can use my degree when I grow up. As far a foreign policy goes we've got a lot of stuff going on in the Middle East that we got to clean up over there. I would go into specifics but, you probably don't want to be here for the next couple hours," answered Terrell.

Just as a reminder the Missouri Primary elections will be held in two weeks.

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