Say What?: Trusting the candidates

Kirksville citizens give their opinions on trust for presidential candidates (File).

Candidates tend to change their minds on certain important positions. Both parties are guilty of it. We wanted to know who the people of Kirksville trust and don't trust.

Who do you trust the most in this presidential race?

"I'm going to vote for Bernie Sanders," John Arbuckle said. "[I'm] looking for a candidate who shares common values with me. I try to make a guess on how I perceive their integrity to be. I see Bernie being what I perceive to be [of integrity], bold, and speaking what he thinks is truth."

"At this point the one I trust the most is Kasich, he's not throwing in a lot of dirty laundry and arguing with everybody. He's just trying to state his policies and what he's done," Greg von Moos replied.

Who do you trust the least?

"In regards to all of them out there, probably the least would be Hillary," replied Arbuckle. "The fact of all the legal aspects going on."

"I think Donald Trump would be a very dangerous choice for our country," said Moos. "I think he leans towards racism and nationalism in a very dangerous way."

Speaking of Trump, he will be in St. Louis on Friday to host a rally before the Missouri primaries.

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