Say what: Presidential process quiz

Quizzing Kirksville Locals (MGN Online).

As we head into the busiest primary period in March; we thought it was a good time to talk about the election process.

We put a little quiz out there. As well as asked them their opinions on the process.

What's a delegate?

"A delegate basically a representative from a state who makes decisions for us," said Cassie Krone.

"A delegate is somebody that's running for office," answered Brent Shelton.

"I don't particularly know," replied Matthew Jacobson.

True or false. If a presidential candidate gets the most votes from people in a voting booth, is he or she elected president?

"False," replied Krone.

"No, because that's the majority vote and it takes the electoral vote for them to win the vote," said Shelton.

"Not necessarily, because the Electoral College," answered Jacobson.

Do you think the popular vote should decide who the president should be or do you think the Electoral College should decide who the president should be?

"I think the popular vote," answered Krone.

"Should be from the popular vote and the majority," replied Shelton.

"No not really, because I think honestly representatives. I trust them more than myself," said Jacobson.

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