U.S. Senator launches re-election campaign at local family farm

Blunt paid a visit to Case Farms to meet with fellow Missourians (KTVO)

Continuing to protect Missouri farm families from President Obama's executive overreach: That's the goal of U.S. Senator Roy Blunt of Missouri as he launches his re-election campaign.

Blunt paid a visit Monday morning to Case Farms outside La Plata to meet with fellow Missourians and to discuss how he hopes to continue protecting residents. Throughout his term, Blunt has opposed many measures put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including its proposed 'Waters of the U.S.' Rule.

That measure would have expanded the authority of the Federal Government over water almost everywhere, meaning that regulation would have impacted how farmers used their land and where they could plant crops or raise animals. Blunt says he'll continue to stand up for fellow farmers, and Missourians as a whole, when it comes to executive overreach and how it could impact their livelihoods.

"We just need to be sure we don't continue to make dumb decisions that needlessly make it harder for us to have good jobs that support families."

Blunt adds that agriculture and food production are key for the state of Missouri. He estimates that rural food demand will double in the next 35 years.

He says he'll continue to do his part to help farmers and ranchers have the resources and research they need to meet the global food demand. The research he touches on includes developing more efficient production methods, eradicating pests and helping to maintain a safe food supply.

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